Hello plus my MBA software checklist

This is my first blog, so hello:)

I’m going to write something about my new Macbook Air. I was really cynic, refused to use any apple’s products, just because apple’s control freak and arrogant attitude. Anyway I switched back to OSX after 2 years experience with some popular linux distros, ubuntu, fedora, and opensuse. Just being tired to fix my computer before working, or entertaining. And by the way, most software I use runs on OSX nice.

After all, OSX gave me the Unix feeling I love. And their hardware really rocks, seriously.

I’m going to make a checklist about the software I installed on my MBA. Just in case I need to install them again in the future.

  1. Update the system, if any is required
  2. Assign Capslock to Ctrl
  3. Install XCode from App Store
  4. While waiting for XCode, install the following(These software’s official website’s can be googled by their names):
    • firefox(with xmarks, imacro, firebug, flash, Vimperator)
    • chrome
    • Dash (App Store)
    • AppCleaner
    • Adium
    • QQ
    • Android adt-bundle
    • calibre
    • Copy
    • Dropbox
    • Go2Shell
    • iTerm2 (with the solarized theam)
    • Sublime Text 3 (ofcourse with Package Control)
    • mplayerx
    • Keka
    • Microsoft Office 2011
    • SourceTree
    • uTorrent
    • VMware Fusion
    • sogou input method
    • Love Wallpaper HD
    • DeJavu fonts
    • Paragon NTFS (is there any opensource alternatives?)
    • a bunch of games:)
  5. I think now XCode is installed:), so open it and install the command line utitlies. (XCode -> Preferences -> Downloads -> Command Line Tools)
  6. Ok now lets brew something:)
    • Install brew (instructions here)
    • brew install python (need to override OSX’s python path, here is my bash_profile)
    • brew install kdiff3
    • brew install macvim (update it with my vim settings here, also put mvim in a folder which exists in PATH, usually ~/bin)
    • brew install ctags
    • brew install cscope
    • brew install global
    • brew install wget
    • brew install curl
    • brew install git (here is how to let git auto complete, and here is my .gitconfig)
    • brew install ack
    • pip install autopep8
    • pip install pep8
    • pip install jedi
    • pip install virtualenv
    • Install the latest wxPython from their official website
  7. The last thing is to configure kdiff3 a little, version 0.9.97 has a bug, and we need to upgrade kdiff3 to an upper version
    1. brew uninstall kdiff3
    2. git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/kdiff3/code kdiff3-code
    3. compile it (./configure qt4)

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